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I offer a style of massage that incorporates both Holistic and Sports Massage techniques, with the use of Hot Stones, as an aid, to give a deep and effective result that leaves the client relaxed and satisfied. Sports Massage Dorset

The massage takes place in a room, within my own home that has a calm, warm and inviting ambience that helps you to relax and unwind in order to benefit fully from the treatment."Some people learn to massage others, like Yvonne, are born with a natural gift"
~ Lionel C

Sports Massage DorsetWith my experience in all aspects of playing, coaching and officiating in many Sports, over the years, I have an understanding to many aches, pains, pulls, niggles, stress and general wellbeing of a person’s body that enables me to understand the bio-mechanics involved and therefore massage the whole body.

I also offer Hopi Ear Candle treatment to compliment my massage therapy.

My travels & experiences, throughout the world, over the past half a century; have helped develop me into the person I am now

I can’t offer a quick fix but hopefully I can offer to help alleviate symptoms and over time introduce a maintenance program that benefits my clients and allows them to pursue a balanced lifestyle.

About Me..

Holistic & Sports Massage DorsetBecoming a Sports Masseuse, I learnt, doesn’t happen overnight and naively I thought I could just train; qualify and step right in “hands at the ready”:

It took me 2 long years...

Services I Offer...

Holistic & Sports Massage ServicesI feel confident enough to massage most problems that present themselves unless I feel they are contra to the clients well-being or detrimental to their health in which case I'll offer advise for alternative treatment usually to see a GP or a Specialist...

Case Studies...

Sports Massage Case StudyComments, case studies and feedback from some of my clients...

"Yvonne has managed to keep my aches and strains of work and everyday life at bay!"
~Bronwyn C

My ethos...

Sports Massage Ethos

I’ll admit I don’t follow the easy nor the well-trodden path; I prefer to set my own agenda and pace; which I think transpires into my massage.
I like to be different in fact I take pride in being different and am therefore not tied to conventions...

My clients and links with the Special Olympics ...

Sports Massage & the Olympics

Most of my initial clients were from a sporting background and in particular Special Needs where I coach Special Olympics athletes, but through "word of mouth" I find I am now treating many other individuals...

Contact Details:

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Yvonne Mentor

Tel: 01202 398399

Mob: 07957 860794

Int: +44 79578 60794


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The personal Photographs and Images displayed throughout this website, reflect my own ' life balance' between passion, nature, travel and work. Please enjoy them but be aware they are copyright protected to me.